Best Time to Build Home

When’s the Best Time of Year to Start Building Your Custom Home?

When you live in an area of seasonal changes, such as the Quad Cities, you really need to be mindful off the weather. You probably wouldn’t plant your tomatoes in November nor would you plan a family picnic in February. There’s a time of year and a season when you’d certainly have more gardening success and a much better time for dining outdoors. It’s the same with home building. You may wonder when is the best time of year to start building your custom home. Well, we’ll help you plan it out.

Spring, The Traditional Building Season

Most people believe the spring or summer season is the best time of year to build a custom home. And traditionally that’s often the case. After all, Mother Nature is more cooperative in spring and summer. That means a smoother timeline, fewer interruptions and landscaping can still take place once you’re home is ready for the finishing touches. 

And, for all intents and purposes, spring is a fine time of year to begin new construction. But depending on your goals and project plans another season may work out more to your advantage. In fact, with some caveats, the fall and winter months may be a better season for your construction. Yes! Even in Iowa!

Consider A Less Popular Time of Year to Start Building Your Custom Home

Of course depending on the plans for your dream home, traditional homes take, on average, two months to frame out. As long as the weather is reasonable there should be few delays when you opt for the fall or early winter as the time of year to start building your custom home. And poor weather can interrupt a build in any season. 

All in all if you can have your roof in place by the first snow of the season then go ahead and plan your build during the colder months. In today’s market builders have access to all the current building technology.  That technology enables them to work through inclement weather months.  And most builders and sub-contractors want to keep working through the colder months. Although your timeline may not be exact when you choose this time of year to start building your custom home there are certain advantages.

  • It takes less time to get the necessary building permits as the municipal agencies aren’t backed up with demand.
  • Inspections are usually easier and quicker in fall and winter months.
  • A fall and winter custom build means more readily available contractors.
  • When you opt for the fall or winter time of year to start building your custom home you may find materials are more readily available due to lower demand.
  • Materials and labor may cost less.
  • You can get started on your building your dream home sooner as you don’t have to wait for spring. 
  • You can defer landscaping costs a few months.

There are a few disadvantages to choosing the colder months as the time of year to start building your custom home. Those disadvantages include:

  • A longer timeline for the builders to complete your home 
  • Increased costs if certain winter weather conditions cause a need for specialized equipment or specialized contractors.
  • Some vendors may no have what you need readily available as, for may people, fall and winter aren’t traditionally the time of year to start building your custom home.

Choose The Best Time for You

While fall and winter are doable when it comes to breaking ground on your new home it’s not always optimal to begin your build then. It depends on your priorities. If a quick timeline is necessary then perhaps spring is your best bet. The weather is usually better and longer days make for easier work schedules for your builders and contractors. 

Ultimately the time of year to start building your custom home is up to you. Speak with your design team and your builder. If timeline is not a priority than compare notes for spring/summer versus fall/winter. Most importantly trust the experienced professionals to help you have the best experience no matter what time of year you choose.

Experienced and Professional Home Design Team

For the most experienced and professional home design team contact Seiffert Home Design. We are local and we know the Quad Cities. Our family-owned business has been the local go-to for everything to do with home design and improvements for more than a century. Our innovative tools include virtual reality home tours so you know exactly what your dream home will look like before you even break ground. Contact us today and together we’ll determine what time of year to start building your custom home.