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Home Building Design & Drafting Process: 7 Expectations

You’re about to design your first custom home. How exciting! Like any custom home design and drafting process there are certain steps to follow. You want to include those elements which you and your family deem necessary to your dream home. The initial design and drafting process ensures you’re satisfied before building begins.

The design and drafting process takes you from the idea stage to the actual blueprint plans for your new home. Here we offer a look at the step by step design and drafting process so you know what to expect. 

1. Before The Design and Drafting Process Comes The Homesite

What comes first the lot or the design? Well, most Quad Cities homeowners begin with the lot. If you have a piece of land in mind you need to check with your municipality and find out if there are any restrictions. Is there a utility access hook up already in place? Keep in mind a custom home means you’re building from the bottom up in every detail. Consider the placement of your home and size of your yard, etc.

2. Identify Your Needs and Wants

The first step in the design and drafting process is identifying what you and your family need and want in a custom home. You may want to tour the area in which you’ll build and research the architectural styles that stand out. That way when you meet with your home design expert you’ll have a basic idea of what you want in your dream home and a list of those special components that make it a custom home. 

3. Develop Your Vision

Now that you’ve identified the basics as far as needs, wants, preferences and aesthetics next you’ll meet with your designer and begin the design and drafting process. You’ll start with a rough sketch just to get the ideas on paper. This allows your designer to identify functionality, style and design theme you want to achieve. You visualize each room in the layout and see how the floor plan will flow. 

This process may take some time. You have those personalized ideas that are particular to your custom home. Before the drafting process you need to find out if your ideas align architecturally. 

4. Blueprints and Floor Plans

Once your design plans are put into a preliminary sketch you give your approval. Next come the detailed blueprints and floor plans. This is the first step in making your custom dream home  a reality. You’ll work directly with the architects and designers to ensure certain aspects of your new home are truly customized to your expectations. You’ll consider everything from room layouts to structural elements. Your design team works very closely with you keeping attention to each detail. 

When you work with Seiffert Home Design you can rest assured each member of your design team will communicate with you all along the design and drafting process. This dedication to collaboration means the drafting process produces a design that serves as the foundation for a successful custom home building project. We also offer our clients a virtual tour of their home plans so you can “see” your home before you start the actual building phase.

5. Choosing the Materials and Finishes

This process is a tedious one but you will be happy you took the time to select only the best in materials and finishes. These are key elements in the longevity and future hime maintenance. Trust your design team to guide you to the right materials and finishes that bring your custom home design dreams to life.

6. Permits and Approvals

After your plans are converted to blueprint you’ll need to identify the permits and approvals you  must obtain. Your design team is instrumental in this part of the design and drafting process. Securing your permits means you’ll have fewer interruptions in your timeline moving forward in the building phase once the design and drafting process is complete. And remember, adherence to these regulations helps ensure your new custom home is a safe dwelling for you and your family.

7. Choose A Design and Drafting Team You Can Trust

One of the most important steps to design and drafting process is finding the right custom home team for your project. Quad Cities residents trust Seiffert Home Design just as they have for over a century. If you want to explore the idea of designing your own custom home please contact Seiffert Home Design today and lets get started.