Virtual Reality Home Design Tour

Advantages of a VR Home Tour for Your Custom Home Design Process

A VR home tour offers some key advantages to homeowners designing their own custom home. Most homeowners in the Quad Cities area aren’t really adept at the custom design process. It’s not like you design a custom home for you and your family every few years, after all. That’s why you work with tried and true professionals in the custom home design business, Seiffert Home Design. And at Seiffert Home Design we specialize in the VR home tour. 

Your dream home starts with an idea-your vision for the perfect home to grow and live for years to come. There are so many details involved in creating the perfect custom design and you don’t want to miss one step along the way. Of course with all the little-and big-details you might miss or fail to think through one or more than one of the crucial details until its too late. If only you could visualize your home before construction begins.

Well with Seiffert Home Design’s VR home tour tool you can! You can see your home in virtual reality at each step of the design process and know before the building even begins. There are so many advantages of a VR home tour for your custom home design process. Let’s have a look at what these advantages could be and how you can benefit from the virtual reality experience when designing your custom home.

What a VR Home Tour Does For You

Virtual reality provides a three dimensional environment, a computer generated version of your custom home design. You have the ability through this unique technology to explore and interact in your future home. The details of every facet of your new home are displayed so you can see what works and what needs to be changed to make your dream home a reality. All of this is accomplished prior to construction.

They say “the devil is in the details” and in some cases that may be true. When it comes to your family’s custom design dream home every detail matters. Placement of the windows, the cabinets, the open floor plan versus a more traditional design, you can see it all and decide each detail in virtual reality. Your custom home design will be a home you will love and thrive in for years to come.

The Advantage of Seeing Your Home in Virtual Reality

From the initial concept for your custom design all the way to your final virtual walkthrough you know what you can expect. The home you build won’t hold any surprises. You can proceed with confidence that the home you envision is the home you will have. 

The one obvious advantage to using a VR home tour for your custom design is the ability to make the changes you want before your home is built. That means your project won’t be interrupted. The building timeline isn’t disrupted so you can change or alter one or more of the details of your home. 

Your VR home tour provides spatial context you just don’t get with phots, artists renderings or home plans. With VR its easy to see every corner, every nook and every cranny as they will be. You get a better idea of how to proceed with interior design and furnishing your new home. A well done design depends on virtual reality.

When you design your dream home you are involved with the process on so many levels, including emotionally. You can’t wait to see your new home in person and you long to walk through these rooms you’ve lovingly poured your heart into designing. With a VR home tour there’s no need to wait to “bond” with your new home. You see your dreams come to life and walk through every precious square foot of your new home, knowing it will be exactly as you’re seeing it in VR.

Welcome to The Future of The Custom Home Design Process

A VR home tour may sound futuristic but at Seiffert Home Design the future is now. We’ll take your ideas and put them into a workable design. Using our VR home tour tool you’ll see your ideas become a (virtual) reality. Contact Seiffert Home Design today and lets get started designing your dreams.