Dream Home Design

Dreaming of a New Home? Make It Happen with Seiffert Home Designs

Are you dreaming of a new home but can’t seem to find what you want? Then  you should investigate a custom home design? Designing you own new custom home ensures you get exactly the right place for you and your family to live and grow. At Seiffert Home Designs we have the professional designers and ideas to help you create your new custom dream home and provide you with a wonderful experience.

Most residents of the Quad Cities area who dream of a new home to call their own aren’t really sure how to make it happen. If you are dreaming of a new home it’s important to understand custom design is easier and more affordable than most people realize. Here we explain the process and offer tips on how to get started designing your dream home.

Dreaming of A New Home and Getting Started 

The best way to begin building your dream home is by brainstorming those ideas that make the home perfect for you and your family. Make a list of rooms and space you need and any other “must-haves”. Organizing these ideas is instrumental to the custom design. 

While at first the task may be fun it can become overwhelming. Take your time and make sure you consider all of your wants and needs. Planning now eliminates surprises which can be costly and disrupt your timeline.

Once you’ve made a thorough list of your ideas it’s time to meet with your custom design professional. Building your home from scratch is a tedious and challenging job. That’s why you need an experienced custom home designer, You need someone familiar with all the ins-and-outs of building in your area. A knowledgeable design pro understands building codes and can help you bring your ideas to fruition in the most sensible way.

Determine Your Architectural Style

Your personal sense of style and preferences, combined with current trends you are drawn to, determine the architectural style that best suits your custom home design. When you‘re dreaming of a new home you have a vision. With the help of your home design professional you’ll find the type of home that matches that vision. Consider these options.


The colonial home is typically symmetrical with a small front porch. Of course since you’re dreaming of a new home you have the freedom to change up the architecture and add any kind of porch you want.


Also known as a bungalow the craftsman style incorporates the use of natural materials and building techniques that reflect the nature of the local area. There is liberal use of brackets, lintels and rafters and a true craftsman home reflects the era when the design became so popular, the late 1800s. A craftsman home highlights the wide, deep front porch and open floorplan interior which are its hallmarks.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is a very popular one indeed. This design style takes the best you know and love about the homey and comfortable farmhouse and updates it to reflect today’s sleek lines. The modern farmhouse combines open spaces and contemporary elements of design and incorporates the simple and warm style most Quad Cities home owners love.

Modern Art Deco

With squared off porches and balconies, lots of glass and black and white exterior color schemes the modern art deco architectural style is quite striking. Sharp edges with little ornamentation provide a clean and austere look. Typically the interiors of these homes reflect the owners desire for clean, open spaces with contemporary lines.

When You’re Dreaming of A New Home the Floorplan Comes Next

Now that you know the basics of the architectural style and what you want and must have when dreaming of a new home its time to work on your interior floorplan. You and your custom design professional work together ensuring your home is everything you desire. Of course your designer knows what works and what doesn’t based on experience and knowledge. 

If your budget or the area’s building codes require you to tweak a few of your ideas never fear. At Seiffert Home Design we provide our clients with the unique experience of using virtual reality. This lets you “see” and tour your home before the plans are approved. If changes to your dream home become necessary then you can make them, based on your tour, before building even begins. This is a timesaver and, most importantly, a cost-saver when you’re dreaming of a new home.

Find The Right Design Team

Once you approve the design for your custom home the building begins. Our team of professionals work with many different contractors and builders who we know get the job done right. Additionally, we have the resources for building materials and those interior components you need. 

If you’re dreaming of a new home please contact Seiffert Home Design today. We’ve been the Quad Cities go-to for more than a century and our five-star ratings and customer reviews prove it. Let us help you bring your dream to life.