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9 Incredible Smart Home Innovations to Add to Your Home Project

With all the advancements our modern world has provided one of the most useful is smart home technology. In fact more and more home owners in the Quad Cities area are realizing the value of these smart home innovations and including them in their custom home projects. And why not? These smart home innovations make life much easier for you and your family.

Smart Home Innovations You Should Add to Your Home

Simple tasks such as turning on your lights, adjusting your thermostat and finding the TV show you want to watch are all doable these days via your smart phone or speaking to your virtual assistant hub (such as Alexa or Echo). But as smart home technology advances the benefits grow. Here we offer you the top. Incredible smart home innovations and features you may want to include in your custom home project.

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats were among the very first smart home innovations and they’ve only improved since those early days. You can program your smart thermostat to operate as you like remotely using your computer, tablet or phone. If you leave town and forget to change the thermostat setting, no worries. And being able to rely on the smart technology for your HVAC needs certainly cuts utility costs.

2. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting was another early innovation and one we all can appreciate. How many times have you pulled into your driveway when your house is completely dark? Wouldn’t it be a comfort to be greeted by a well-lit home? With smart lighting you can pre-program specific lights to come on at dusk or turn them on remotely using computer, tablet or phone. Out of town or working late you can still make sure your lights come on and make your home more secure.

3. Smart Monitoring

Whether you want to ensure your infant is sleeping safely or keep an eye out for your teenager when they come home from school, a smart monitor is the way to go. This smart home innovation provides two-way audio so you can hear and respond as well as observe what’s happening. You can use your monitoring system whether you’re on the couch in another room and want to peek in on baby or at the office and checking to see if your teen made it home safely. You can even use this smart home monitor to check in with your pets.

4. Smart Lawn Mower and Sprinkler System

Yes, even lawn care can be added to those smart home innovations you’ll want to add to your new home. Say there’s a game on and it’s hot and humid outside but your lawn is a little too high. You can simply tell your preprogrammed robotic lawn mower to do the work from the comfort of your home. And when the summer sun is relentless and no rain is in sight you can ask your smart sprinklers to water your landscaping, even from out off town. 

5. Smart Vacuuming

Just like lawn care keeping up with the vacuuming after a long workday is probably not on your favorite things to do list. Enter the smart vacuum. You can preprogram your smart vacuum to do its thing at regular times or enable it remotely from your computer, tablet or phone, and arrive home to a freshly vacuumed house. 

6. Among the Smart Home Innovations We Love? The Smart Kitchen

This is a dream-come-true for many homeowners who just don’t feel like dealing with dinner. Today’s appliances are smart enough to turn on remotely, create shopping lists and show you exactly what’s inside your refrigerator. Jane Jetson didn’t have it this good! Use your smart home innovations in the kitchen and you can adjust your oven temperature and cooking time as necessary. You can also connect your slow cooker to the internet and turn it on and off remotely.

7. Wash Your Dishes Whenever You Like…Or Remember

It’s been a day and you finally get to bed when you remember you didn’t turn on the dishwasher. No problem. Smart home innovations allow you to connect your dishwasher to your home wi fi and tell your virtual assistant to simply “start the dishwasher” without taking your head off the pillow. You can also turn on your dishwasher from a remote location.

8. Smart Home Innovations in Security

This is where the technology really shines. You can access your security system anytime and from anywhere. That means viewing your monitors and security cameras, getting alerts when there is activity of any kind, locking and unlocking your doors and setting off your alarm should you see anyone lurking about. Smart security cameras alert you and the fire department if there is smoke or intense heat indicating a fire.

9. Smart Command Station

When adding these incredible smart home innovations to your custom designed home you’ll need to install a universal command station. This allows all of your smart devices and technology to connect and you can operate through your voice-activated virtual assistant or computer, tablet or phone. 

Your Smart Home Design Pros

For more on including smart home innovations in your new home design project contact the custom home experts at Seiffert Home Design. We’re here for any help you need in designing the perfect-and smartest-home for you and your family.