Home Building Mistakes to Avoid

8 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Home Building Process

Building your dream home is an exciting endeavor. You get to see all of your ideas for the home you want come together and your vision comes to life. But, at the same time, the building process is fraught with worry. Especially if you’ve never built a new home before-and let’s face it most of us have not. Did you make the right choices? Will it all come together as you envisioned? Did you make a mistake?

Well, take a breath. Mistakes-small and large-are often a common part of the home building process and, when caught early enough, easy enough to fix. Here we help prevent builder’s remorse and cringeworthy choices by outlining the top 10 mistakes to avoid during your home building process.

Common Mistakes During the Building Process and How to Avoid Them

There’s a lot involved in the process of building a new custom home. From design to completion there’s ample opportunity for missteps that derail the timeline, increase the cost and cause heartache. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process for sure. However when your dream home is at stake you sure don’t want to learn how not to do things during the building process. Some common mistakes that impact your building process are:

1. Trying to Remodel Your Current Home to Your Dreams

The first problem with remodeling your current home and turning it into your dream hoe is cost. Many homeowners believe a remodel is the less expensive approach. However, depending on your ideas it may end up costing more to make your current home into your dream home than building a new custom home. And be realistic. Is the basic footprint of your current home appealing? Can it accommodate your dream home design? Consult a home design professional before you make your decision.

2. Not Taking Enough Time During the Home Design Process

It’s so much easier-and less costly-to make changes before you begin the building process. Make sure you allow enough time to complete the design to your satisfaction before you break ground on construction. Pay close attention to the details. Is this a home you can love for the long-term? It’s difficult to determine the physical structure when your design is just on paper. At Seiffert Home Design we offer virtual design so you tour your home using virtual reality. Make the changes as you need before construction starts.

3. Choosing the Wrong Location

Among mistakes to avoid during the home building process this is a big one. Don’t compromise when it comes to the location of your dream home. Where do you see yourself and your family living for years to come? What about things like school district, shopping and medical facilities? Never settle for anything less than the ideal location for you and your family. The finest house in the world isn’t worth a dime if its in a location that is less than desirable. And, when it comes to resale value it’s all about location, location, location. 

4. Failing to Custom Build

In the design process of building your home you’ll see so many house plans they’ll begin running together. But you want a one-of-a-kind home that suits your particular and unique needs. Don’t settle for a “one-design-suits-all” plan. The plan may not accommodate your dream design nor your degree of customization.

Instead opt for a custom plan. That way you’re assured the home you build is your dream home design. When you work with a design service with experience they take your ideas, your dreams and the needs of you and your family and incorporate them into the design you desire. 

5. Overthinking and Second-Guessing Every Decision

Over the course of your home building process you’ll make countless decisions. In those bound-to-happen scenarios when you aren’t sure which way to go it’s best to trust your gut and go with your first decision. It’s also a good idea to utilize the services of a home design professional. This is far from their first rodeo and they also know how to execute your vision for your dream home. Second-guessing and changing your mind only creates delays in the home building process. When in doubt defer to your design and building team. There’s a reason you chose them.

6. Failing to Future-Proof Your Home in The Building Process

It’s common for you to think about your immediate needs when building your home. Sure the kids need a playroom right now but what about when they leave the nest in the nearer-than-you-thought future? Your parents may be hale and hearty right now but where will they go when it’s nit feasible for them to live alone? What about yourself? Can you navigate your way around your house for the next 30 or 40 years? You’re likely to be in your home for several more years so think about your needs today but factor in tomorrow as well.

7. Trying to DIY Your Home Building Process

There comes a time when knowing your limitations isn’t just necessary; it’s the safest option. Unless you’re a designer, builder and jack of all trades you really shouldn’t try taking on the home building process yourself. Let the professionals take care of things. Not only will your home be move-in ready on time and pass any inspection required it will cost far less in the long run.

8. Approving a Bad Design

The outcome of your dream home depends on the design. That’s where all planning takes place. From the size of your rooms to the width of your hallways and the placement of windows every detail of the design process is critical to the outcome. That’s why you should never rush this component of the home building process. 

Will the lot accommodate the design and all of the exterior amenities you’d like? Consider each and every element of your home design and ensure you get the dream home you desire. 

Avoid Mistakes When You Choose Seiffert Home Design

When you work with Seiffert Home Design you’ll rest easy knowing you absolutely made no mistake there. Our design team have years of experience and the ability to bring your vision to life. Seiffert Home Design is your home town team and ready to help you in your home building process-mistake-free. Contact Seiffert Home Design today.