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6 Reasons to Build a Custom Home vs. Buying a Pre-Existing Home

When you begin the search for your new home, at some point, the question arises Is it better to build a custom home vs. buying a pre-existing home? And that is certainly a valid question. Home prices are high and you should absolutely get everything you want in a new home. Sometimes you find the perfect pre-existing home but sometimes you find you have to settle. Not so with a custom home. 

There are many advantages and a few disadvantages when you decide to build a custom home instead of buying a move-in ready house. At Seiffert Home Design we understand homeowners in the Quad Cities and work to accommodate your expectations and desires for your new custom home. Here we offer some of the top reasons you should build a custom home vs. buying a pre-existing home.

6 Reasons to Build a Custom Home vs. Buying a Pre-Existing Home

Whether you build or buy a home that’s move-in ready can be a difficult decision. Many home buyers equate custom building with a much higher cost. That’s a popular misconception we’d like to set straight. Here are our reasons why designing and building a custom home is a great idea.

1. Better Value

There are a lot of variables that go into the final cost of a custom built home. Factors such as the materials, square footage, appliances, lighting and all your other fixtures, etc. But when you work with a professional design team your budget is a priority. That doesn’t mean we cut corners. Together with your design team you’ll create a custom home that honors your new home budget and gives you the home of your dreams.

2. You Don’t Need to Compromise

When you make such a large investment as a home you don’t want to have to settle or compromise. If you want a home office that’s separate from the living space you don’t want to settle for simply an extra bedroom or setting up your workspace in the formal dining room. It’s important that you and your family get all that you want and need in a home. When you build a custom home vs buying a pre-existing home you have the opportunity for that to happen.

3. You Choose the Materials When You Build a Custom Home vs. Buying a Pre-Existing Home

You might find a pre-existing home that has most of what you want but isn’t exactly the exterior you prefer, the super energy-efficient windows you want or the right kind of curb appeal. Again, when you’re designing your custom home you won’t have to settle. Get the exterior, interior and curb appeal you enjoy along with the level of energy efficiency that proves utility lowering and cost effective.

4. You Customize The Layout According to Your Specifications

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new home you’ve probably walked through countless floor plans that leave you scratching your head. Why did they put that room there? There’s a better use of space and function when it comes to a floor plan according to your personal preference. 

If you build your custom home your way you can make your kitchen larger and have the chef’s kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Add a separate guest suite for overnight company or long-term family. Seiffert Home Design allows you to “walk through” your floor plan before construction even begins with our innovative virtual design tool.

5. You Select The Homesite when You Build a Custom Home vs Buying a Pre-Existing Home

One of the biggest bothers with which to contend when buying a pre-existing home is just that-it already exists. In the spot where it was built and surrounded by other homes. A custom built home is constructed, according to your specifications, on the lot of your choosing. So, for instance, if your kids are established in a specific Quad Cities area school system but you aren’t having any luck finding a home in that district you can build a custom home vs. buying a pre-existing home. No worries, no hassles and no bidding wars to get involved in when you build your dream home on your lot.

6. Quality Construction

You have the final say in every aspect of your custom build. Our design team and project management helps you every step of the way including finding the right contractor. Seiffert Home Design is your neighbor and as such we know those with the experience and know-how you can trust. Because you’ll be working with a professional design team the entire experience is sure to be a rewarding one. 

Trust Your Neighbors at Seiffert Home Design

You have specific ideas about your dream home and you should not have to settle for anything less. Let us show you how easy it can be when you build a custom home vs. buying a pre-existing home. Contact Seiffert Home Design today and let’s get started on building your dream!