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What Kind of Support Do You Need from Your Home Designer?

So you’ve made the decision to build a custom designed home. Your decision wasn’t made lightly and you have specific ideas for your home that are meant to meet the needs and wants of you and your family. It’s a big step and likely it is your first rodeo. That’s where your home designer comes in. 

The Role of A Great Home Designer

A great home designer stands by you and anticipates the type of support you may need. Your home designer supports you throughout your custom build. From brainstorming ideas for your custom floorplan to selecting materials and connecting with contractors and all those little things in between your designer is there.

That’s why you take the time to find a home designer with whom you can work. Building a custom home can be overwhelming at best. That’s why you need a home design team that supports you as you see your dream home come to life. Here we tell you all the areas in which you will need the support of your home designer.

What Kind of Support Should You Expect?

Because your custom home design project is unfamiliar territory for most you need to work with a custom home designer you trust. Often you encounter little (and big!) surprises that impact all aspects of your design and usually affect your budget. Here we offer all the areas in which a great home designer supports you.

Design Architecture

You have a vision for your custom home design and your design team is there to bring that vision to life. Your custom home design professional determines the type of architectural elements you desire to flesh out your dream home. Using their expertise your designer can pinpoint elements that integrate well with your building site. As you continue to brainstorm you and your home designer craft a floorplan that incorporates those innovations, must-haves and wish-list items for you and your family.

Bringing Trends to Your Custom Design

Your design pro keeps ump with those cutting edge design trends that you may want in your new home. They are there to support your ideas and find ways to create the breathtaking design elements that make you and your family proud. Because your designer is privy to all the latest and most innovative elements of home design you gain the benefit of their expertise.

Problem Solving

Whether it be something architectural that just doesn’t work or an element of your design that has no chance of code compliance in the area where you want to build your design professional is there for you. The problem solving part off a custom build is where your home designer shines. They will find work-arounds that keep the integrity of your design. They’ll find ways to work with your budget and meet your needs. Finally a great design specialist helps resolve matters that arise throughout the building process. They support you all the way.

Contractor Network

When you work with a designer who is familiar with the area they typically have a well-honed network of contractors who are recognized for their excellence. Your contractors make the dream happen and you want the best you can find. Trust your home designer. As they say, “it’s who you know”!

Delivery of Services

Again, an experienced Quad Cities custom home design team has ties and knows the right people. This applies to the delivery of specific services such as building permits, plumbing, HVAC and inspection. If any of the home building services people drag their feet it adds to your timeline. Go with a design pro you can rely on for timely delivery of services.


If you want your custom home build to go smoothly and efficiently find a great home designer who works with a great supplier. Seiffert Home Design and their affiliate Seiffert Building Supplies have been serving the Quad Cities community for over 150 yeas. They are the trusted name in both home design and building supplies. Your design specialist will have access to all of the necessary materials you need. 

A Home Designer You Can Trust

When it comes to custom home design you need a supportive team. A home designer with the experience and professional knowledge, the network and the expertise is there to support you from the very beginning. That’s who we are at Seiffert Home Design. We understand the task at hand when you’re building your dream home in the Quad Cities. We’re your neighbors. Contact Seiffert Home Design for the support you need from a home designer and see your dream home become a reality.