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Home Office Designs for Today’s Hybrid Work Professionals

The home office used to be a utilitarian sort of space just a few years ago. That is, if it was any kind of space at all. Most people who worked from home did so intermittently and usually a sturdy desk, file cabinet and good internet connection sufficed. 

All the has changed. Since the days of the pandemic and zoom technology the work-from-home space has been elevated to a hub of activity that looks and performs as elegantly as the nicest executive suites in a large office high-rise. 

Most new homes today are built with a designated home office or study. Ideally it’s separate from the main living area so no one interrupts the workday flow, and, just as importantly, so work doesn’t interrupt family time. If you aren’t designing a new home you can use these design ideas for your home office addition.

Custom Design a Home Office That Works for You

As with any work space it’s essential that you, the homeowner, determine how you’ll use your home office. For example, if you have in-person clients coming and going the logistics will be a little different than they would for the hybrid-work professional who relies on virtual meetings and digital communication. 

Because you’re custom home design reflects all that you and your family need and want you can design your home office exactly as you like. Here we offer tips on designing your home office and how to make your custom design work for you. 

A Space for Face-to-Face

If you meet clients in your home office you’ll need to incorporate design ideas specific to their comfort and yours. A separate entrance is a must. It’s essential that you keep your business completely separate from your home and that means not only the entrance but also a separate driveway/parking area. If your home has multiple levels, including a walk-out basement, put your office in that location. 

To further underscore the professional atmosphere of your home office make sure you have a reception area for your clients. Include a restroom adjacent to your work space that is reserved for clients only. 

Keep in mind your actual office area needs to be welcoming and spacious enough to conduct your meetings. Add in some creature comforts as well such as comfy furniture and a large window for ambience.

Plenty of Room to Zoom

When designing a custom office in your home make sure it isn’t too small. Spend time thinking about how you plan to use your space. 

The key to creating an office space that’s as beautiful as it is functional is organization. This applies whether you’re just off the kitchen in your home office or on the 17th floor of a corporate high rise. Here we take a look at some great home office designs for today’s hybrid-work professional. You can incorporate these ideas whether designing a custom home or an addition to your existing home. Organized, functional and the envy of your fellow zoom meeting attendees, let’s create an office design that works for you.

Places to set up your technology, seating and storage are just a few of the factors to consider. If you’re designing a single-person home office and don’t typically entertain clients or schedule in-person meetings then a standard 10×10 space should suffice. For those who need a lot of technology, consult with clients or need space for creative endeavors you’ll need to plan for a bigger office. For the hybrid-work professional who hosts regular virtual meetings you may want a separate area just for that purpose. Choose a spot with adequate (and flattering) natural light and one that you can easily maintain for appearances.

Speaking of Appearances

Today’s hybrid-work professional does a lot of virtual meetings and it’s beneficial to always be camera-ready. That rule doesn’t just apply to your stunning face. Your office space needs to look its best as well. 

Of course you want a spot that appears professional on camera but also consider subtle colors, plenty of natural light and custom lighting in layers. Layered lighting means lighting you can build by incorporating  table lamps placed around the room, book shelf lighting, sconces and so forth. Muted colors look best on camera and also evoke a professional ambience. Built-ins like cabinets and shelving make your space as functional as it is professional. 

Just like designing the rest of your custom home when it comes to creating your perfect office the best design is one that’s tailored to your needs.

Let’s Create Your Ideal Work Space

If your new home includes a home office you want to work with the professional design team at Seiffert Home Design. Our design team works with you to create the ideal work space. Contact Seiffert Home Design today and lets get started.