Boost Property Value with Remodel

Boost Your Property Value with a Home Remodel Project

Your home is your biggest investment and as such you want to make sure your return, as in your home’s value, is high. To that end one of the best things you can do to boost your property’s value is take on a home remodel project. With a few small renovations you can make your home a more valuable investment and a place you are proud to own.

Home Remodel Projects That Boost Value

Not all home remodel projects boost your property value the same. Some projects offer a much higher return on investment as well as a boost to your quality of life while you’re there. If your home is the least bit outdated where it counts then you won’t get the biggest bang for your resale buck. Here we offer a look at the proven home remodel projects that boost your property’s value. Improve your home and restore a sense of pride for you and your family.

Basement Build-Out

If you have a basement then consider finishing it out. You can create a family space for the kids, a gathering area for entertaining or a guest suite for friends and family who stay with you. When you add usable space like this to your home you automatically boost the equity simply by adding square footage. And when you add a bedroom and bathroom your home value goes up considerably. You don’t even need to go all-in. Just simply add walls and heating ducts to make the space cozy and livable for a future project or the new owners. 

Kitchen Remodels Still Boost Your Property’s Value Plenty

Your kitchen is still one of the smartest areas of your home to remodel or renovate. Upgrade tired, old appliances with new tech savvy models, install new cabinets that make use of  storage space. When you replace your outdated countertops with something new, install additional storage and replace old flooring your kitchen stands out. Is your kitchen somewhat closed off feeling? Add some new windows to open your space or a skylight and let the natural light flood your kitchen space and open it up. New windows offer a huge return on investment. Your kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Treat is well by updating and upgrading and you’ll boost your property’s value immediately.

Bathroom Boosts Offer Big Return on Investment

Everyone wants to feel the luxury of a spa day in their own bathroom. When you remodel your master bath with a large, walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and natural stone, or a soaking tube and heated floor tiles you elevate your personal space several levels. When you add some architectural implements such as crown molding and a dazzling statement light fixture you’re also adding value to your home.

Renovate That Attic Space

If you have a decent sized attic consider finishing and remodeling the space to boost your property’s value. We all learned the value of a home office or study area for the kids a few years ago. Why not create that usable space in your attic? You could even create a quiet place to read, meditate or do yoga. Get creative. And just like with a basement remodel converting your attic to usable space adds square footage to your home which adds value.

Replace Your Entry Door to Boost Your Property’s Value

It’s amazing what one small change can do to boost your property’s value and add some curb appeal. For a small investment with a huge payoff replace your entry doors with brand new, state-of-the-art steel doors. According to the US Department of Energy your new insulated steel clad door has an R-value from R-5 to R-6, about twice that of a wood door. And a new door refreshes your curb appeal as well. In fact, your new door may look so great you may opt to give your front flowerbeds and porch a makeover too!

Trust The Most Knowledgeable Staff in The Business

By simply remodeling one area of your home you will boost your property’s value considerably. For more on how you can renovate, remodel or add on to your home please contact Seiffert Home Design. Our professional design team works with you in implementing the ideal custom space for you and your family. We also have the most knowledgeable design team in the business. Reach out to Seiffert Home Design today and let’s get started on that home remodel project for 2024.