Modern Craftsman Ranch House Design

4 Benefits of Choosing a Modern Craftsman Home Design

The modern craftsman home design is really seeing a resurgence among homebuyers in the Quad Cities area. And why not? This classic home design with modern upgrades is chock full of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons you should consider modern craftsman home design for your custom home.

First, What is A Modern Craftsman Home?

The true American craftsman home design embraces a simplicity of form with an emphasis on unique hand crafted elements over mass produced homes. The first craftsman home designs emphasized things like hand milled woodwork, handcrafted glass and metal which combined created a simple yet elegant design. 

The modern craftsman home design incorporates many of the same elements and components of the original craftsman. This includes:

  • Large Front Porch which adds such charming curb appeal and an inviting and welcoming aesthetic. And there’s the added bonus of being able to sit on your front porch as you enjoy your morning coffee.
  • Double Hanging Windows allow plenty of natural light indoors and open up your view without increasing your utilities thanks to energy efficient windows.
  • Columns create a look that’s both elegant and sturdy and ups your curb appeal even more.
  • Gabled Roof which provides excellent drainage for rain, snow and ice, better indoor ventilation and adds years to your roof.

The Benefits of Modern Craftsman Home Design

Chock full of simplistic beauty and charm the modern craftsman  design emphasizes the use of natural materials. This fosters an indoor-outdoor appeal. Even during winters bleakest days your home feels warm and inviting. Here are some of the four additional benefits of a modern craftsman design.

1. A Well Designed Interior

One of the most enticing benefits of a modern craftsman design is the open floor plan and functionality of interior space. Built-ins like book cases, breakfast nooks and window seats reflect just how exceptionally comfortable and adaptable this design can be for you and your family.

The interior space of your modern craftsman home can, of course, be customized in any way you desire. Whether you need a lot of square footage or not we’ll help you come up with the perfect design.

2. Beauty

Craftsman homes are beautiful and unique simply by design. There’s typically a good deal of wood trim and wainscoting. AT the front of the house you’ll often see a bay window or a big picture window beneath which you may find a bench style window seat. Cabinets and book cases built in throughout the home increase storage space which is always a plus. If you opt for a fireplace you’ll usually find a natural stone design that serves as the focal point of the room.

While tradition dictates a lot of these beautiful design elements in a craftsman home the true beauty is that this style can be designed in any way you like. Modern means you can opt for a clean-lined home without exposed ceiling beams or natural stone. When your home is a custom design you are in charge. At Seiffert Home Design we can easily work on the details and, with our amazing virtual reality tool you are able to see your home before the lot is even cleared. This allows you to make the changes you want to make without interrupting your build.

3. The Modern Craftsman Home Design Promotes Sustainability

To start with your modern craftsman home design creates a smaller footprint than many other design options. Using eco-friendly building materials promotes an even more sustainable home. And the design itself is vastly more energy efficient than many other home designs. 

4. The Modern Craftsman is A Timeless Classic

The craftsman home, even with some of the more modern tweaks, has endured for more than a century. The modern version is even more durable, sustainable and functional than the generations of craftsman homes before. A classic never goes out of style.

Your Custom Design Reflects Your Unique Style

Seiffert Custom Homes can customize your modern craftsman home design to fit your needs. With the right customization your modern craftsman home design can be as functional, beautiful, comfortable, welcoming and unique as you want. In fact a modern craftsman home design suits just about any interior design you want.

For more information on how you can create a modern craftsman home design that’s perfect for you and your family contact Seiffert Home Design.